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About us

Dabaab Net is a limited liability company based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Established in June 2017 by two university colleagues, Omar Rebhan and Mohammed Alhadlaq. The duo met in 2007 in California State University Northridge (California, USA) where they pursued their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering. In the midst of their hunt for academic advancement, they both engaged in the life of motorcycles. Fast-forward approximately 10 years later, Omar and Mohammed had a casual dinner in Riyadh and an idea was born that would shift the scales of motorcycle world in the region, the idea of dabaab.

Dabbab is the first electronic platform dedicated for the motorcycle market in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf, available through, iOS and Android. dabaab allows users to post motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and all gear and browse what is offered by others. Users could also offer maintenance services, parts and arrange group rides for motorcycles and bicycles. All services available to the user are completely free and without any sales commission.